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Deploy artificial intelligent monitoring solutions and gain real-time understanding of any environment.

Turbo charge your ability to understand an environment by deploying intelligent monitoring systems powered by the sun. Our customers are leveraging machine intelligence to gain valuable insights that enable data driven decisions and positive impacts for the communicty and their project bottom line.

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Artificial intelligence that helps improve human impact on the environment.

Organisations across the globe are benefiting by deploying the power of automated environmental data analysis on their projects in real-time. Our cloud-based software platforms enable this automation using machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce valuable insights & tools for all stakeholders.

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Environmental Monitoring Pyramid

All of our projects start with our Environmental Monitoring Pyramid. We have developed this project framework from two decades of experience deploying and managing real-time monitoring systems. The results speak for themselves; reliable, innovative and long-lasting solutions at the best price possible for all stakeholders across the organisation.

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Our Products

Our software platforms and services are interoperable, scalable and open for integration to any other platforms.

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Our software platforms are simply ahead of our competitors; more scalable, more powerful and more flexible to anything else on the market. Our products seamlessly integrate with each other, but also to other data platforms which you may already be using. We are Australian owned and all data is locally secured and managed. For more than a decade, our business has been providing advanced technology solutions for some of the biggest organisations in the country.

Learn how to leverage environmental data on your project.

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